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Corfiot cooking workshop

You have come to enjoy our Corfiot cuizine we are sure, but how about learning to cook it for yourself back home?

Creart-ivists put on cooking workshops for children and adults!Within the convinience of your holiday home we celebrate with you and enjoy, the wonderful tastes and combinations that Corfiot cuizine has to offer!

Lovely chance to do something fun and yummy during your stay here!

Silk painting workshop

Silk painting workshops for adults within groups or one to one. A lovely workshop put on by the artists of Creart team. Learn and take your masterpiece back home with you. For beginners and experienced!

Movie night

This pictures speaks for it all. Amazing projection screen and sound system available for a lovely movie night experience. You pick the movie of your choice, and we play it!

Learn to Greek dance

You have come to visit Greece for three things: The weather, fantastic food and the culture! Our team of dancers in Creart have put together a fun workshop that focuses on Greek tradition. Personalized workshops that include a short tutorial of Greek dance/Greek music, A taste of Greek cuisine and Ouzo! After our easy demonstration and feel of what it is to be an original Greek! we will welcome you to the floor of fire and plate smashing and together with our dancers you will create your own show. This workshop strictly involves lot of fun and laughter. An activity that you mustnt miss whilst visiting the island!

Graffiti workshop

Graffiti – Street Artists workshops for Adults & Children!

This workshop is put together by two of the finest and most famous Graffiti Artists in Greece. They have been known for their masterpieces all over Europe and the States but their base nowadays is Corfu island. They offer private workshops in their studio or at a place of your convinience.

They will give you a background story about the art of the streets , show you a little of their work in the field of art and offcourse how to make it all happen!

This workshop is designed for children within an event or privately ,but also for Adults who are in the art field themselves or who just want to fullfill one of their aristic curiosities !

A lovely few hours of fun and color!

Pinata workshop

Learn to make lovely colorful pinatas!

Crearts artists will show you the way to make it happen. A lovely few hours of getting messy and creative!

This workshop can be for adults and children.

Pony or Horse activity workshop

“Have a beautiful pony or horse activity workshop or invite one to your children’s party as an activity!

We will bring the pony to your venue, our staff will assist the children to have pony rides, we will teach the children in a fun way about horses and how to behave around them. The children can groom the ponies, learn what their accessories are called and what they do. Last but not least, go on a guided ride with them.

Mermaid aquatic workshop
Mermaid Aquatic Workshop

Corfu Island has some of the most beautiful, crystal clear waters in the world. Waters that are also very safe for families and small children and people who are not very confident in the water.Οur mermaid workshops are a dream workshop for adults and children. Participants  will be introduced to the element of water, a small demonstration will following on how to swim with mermaid tails, storytelling for children, fun games and much more! Our mermaid instructor Sofia is a professional aquatic therapist & educator and these Ionian waters are her home. Don’t miss this amazing workshop that can either take place at the sea or in a private swimming pool.

Virtual entertainment
Virtual Entertainment

VR attraction and workshop for adults and kids. Amazing VR games and adventures to a different places on earth  in a real 360 videos with full immersion. Go travel to many places like in a real life without leaving the room, play baseball or hockey, find a couple of a fantastic beasts, have fun at the fair!

Let your or your child creativity embody in a 3D painting program.

Create a masterpiece!

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