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BasSing Up Trio
BasSing Up Trio

BasSing up Trio was first founded in Corfu in the autumn of 2013. The basic idea of the group that also defined their sound were pop and rock songs manipulated and fixed in a more jazzy mood.  Having acquired a characteristic and unique sound of their own now they also don’t hesitate to experiment with classic tunes (Creep, Light my fire etc.) that are familiar to crowds! Beatles, Rolling Stones, Depeche mode, Radiohead, Sting  and many more in a swingy mood, shuffle, Bossa nova!

Spanish guitar sounds

Manthos is a solo guitarist that specializes in acoustic backround music. He brings his beautiful guitar and accompanies the evening with popular pop songs, original arrangements, and flavours of spanish guitar.

Effie's African Kora harp
African Kora Harpist

Effie is a musician and composer and she is performing by playing the 21string west African harp, named kora, singing and playing percussion. She has been studying various music styles, as traditional greek and also indian classical music, along with the African music culture. Through these traditions, she is performing melodic and rhythmic forms in the kora, vocal and percussion instruments as well. Very often, she is combining her skills by using loops and building pieces from the ground in various polyrythmic and melodic forms.

Wedding music trio

This wedding trio can play at a wedding reception, outiside the church or in any place of event. It consists of the violin , guitar and accordion with two of three artists performing vocally. Their repertoire covers Greek songs, wedding songs, latin songs and ballads. They can play acoustically (unplugged) or with technical support (speaker and light).

The Greek folk essembly

The Greek folk ensemble is a ten member band that plays pure, pagan, old greek peoples music. With traditional instruments , percussion , strings, brass and common instruments as the violin and clarinet, rare as the quanun and Greek bagpipes. It’s ideal for tourists and foreign music lovers over for their holidays. You can dance if you know the dance and learn to dance if its new for you. They come with all equipment lights and sound.

Boogie Band

The HiROLLERS , generate passion!
The band members, well known musicians , were formed in 2005 aiming not only to play arrangements of their favorite music but also to create their own unique style focused on dancing. Long time after Rhythm ‘n’ Blues jump tunes became Rock ‘n’ Roll, the energy that propelled it all still whirls the globe. Jazz, Swing, Boogie Woogie influences. Hot double bass troubles, guitar licks, honky saxophones, 88 key ting-a-lings & thunder beats sure do ignite people move, even non dancers.

Corfiot traditional Greek Orchestra

This is a five member band. They play for Greek festivals, weddings and any type of event both public and private. Their repertoire includes Urban and traditional Greek music based on Bouzouki but also Disco, latin , 60’s and pop music! Members are the Buddha himself on the saxophone & vocals, Sofia- vocals , Stephanos- keyboard & Vocals, Thodoris- violin and Kostas with his bouzouki and vocals. (The band comes with its own sound equipment and lighting.)

Thodoris-composer- Violinist-singer-and-guitarist

Thodoris is a composer, violinist , singer and guitarist, graduate of the Ionian University in the department of Music. He has years of experience and his music styles and performances vary from Old Greek folk music, Urban Greek songs to Progressive heavy metal, Jazz, Funk and Balkan!

Foteini - Pontic Lyre (Pontiaki Lyra)

Foteini musicality comes from Thessaloniki. She plays accordion, the pontic lyre , the “baglamadaki” and percussion.

Multitalented as she is , she also sings beautifully. She has performed in festivals and concerts in Greece and in cities abroad , such as New york in the Carnegie Hall. She can play solo with any instrument in weddings and all sorts of functions and parties!

Greek acoustic and traditional

Greek traditional accoustic music ideal for background music at a private function or party. Soultana has been playing music since she was a little girl. Her musical ear and talent has led her to the musical island of Corfu where she is adored by her audience.

Classical soprano pop ballads

The South African artist, Louise , is an award-winning musician, singer, writer, composer, arranger, lyricist, actress and painter. Apart from her solo career as a versatile performer, she is the main singer of FUEGO DE LUNAR, the latter with which she has given more than 4500 live performances the past years. Her repertoire involves classical soprano singing through easy listening pop and oldies ballads.

Folk and pop ballads

Nikos program contains rock ballads and rhythm and blues in English and Greek, joined by his humorous jokes. Easy listening melodic tunes suitable for wedding cocktails time, Dinner parties


Splinter band

Splinter band is a 4 peace band Bass Drums Rhythm & Lead Guitar playing 60s 70s 80s Pop music, party music Rock & Blues. The Splinter Band plays in Bars Hotels Restaurants & Weddings. Working on the island for 20 years we have all our own equipment & transport.

International music band

This is a Greece-based international band, with South African singer-pianist-keyboardist Louise and Athenian guitarist Christos as the main members. For seven months of the year they perform nightly  to audiences from all walks of life. Their repertoire forms a wide array of different cultures and countries, stretches over many decades and is sung in more than 12 languages. They also give regular unplugged performances, with the piano and acoustic guitar as the sole accompaniment to their vocals.”

String Duet or Trio

String Duet or Trio” for weddings and events

The Rebellious band!

This Rebellious band is one of the fabes on the island. The mix it up in a program of Latin, Ballads, Oldies 60s to 90s and some Greek traditional music. Perfect for a party or wedding reception


Krinthi is a professional musician-singer since 2010. With her talent and studies she covers a broad spectrum of music together with her four bands of different kinds of music:

  • Classic Greek operetta and “retro” Band. They perform songs from theatrical opera but smaller simpler and lighter as well as old /classic Greek songs.
  • Greek night Band. They perform popular Greek music and especially modern songs.
  • Guitar and voice duet for international repertoire.
  • Blues-Jazz and swing Band

Jacob plays a range of his own material and covers songs in many genre´s like soul, rock, pop, funk, lounge and folk. Instrumental jams for dance or just lounging are also one of his highlights. With his looping technique Jacob Montén creates a larger than life experience by playing guitar, percussion och others instruments as he builds a band on his own. Playing cover songs in his own style by artists like Neil Young, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Joy Division, Nick Cave, Nick Drake, The Doors, Tracy Chapman and many more….

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