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Wedding band bang!

These wedding professionals will bring the house down for you with their tunes! Playing a large variety of dance music, from oldies to pop music, making sure that all ages will have a go at the dancefloor! An excellent option for International weddings completed by great musicians and singing vocals.

Boogie Band

The Hirollers boogie wedding band , generate passion! The band members, well known musicians , were formed in 2005 aiming not only to play arrangements of their favorite music but also to create their own unique style focused on dancing. Long time after Rhythm ‘n’ Blues jump tunes became Rock ‘n’ Roll, the energy that propelled it all still whirls the globe. Jazz, Swing, Boogie Woogie influences. Hot double bass troubles, guitar licks, honky saxophones, 88 key ting-a-lings & thunder beats sure do ignite people move, even non dancers. Perfect for a wedding reception!

The groovy cats
The Groovy Cats

The band represents the idea of classic mainstream Jazz music, as well as a range of contemporary, modern music. They have participated in marvelous music concerts and festivals such as the “Sinqentreffeh” festival in Germany and “16th Preveza Festival”. Ideal for any kind of celebrative event and one of Creart’s most famous recommendations for wedding entertainment. The five member band is completed by sax,female vocals, drums, guitar & double bass.

The music projects offered by them are:

  • Jazz now
  • Rhythm and Blues
  • Latin Samba
  • Mellow Jazz
  • Hard groove
Rockabilly Band
Rockabilly Band

These guys started as an “all star” Rockabilly band consisted of members from well known Rock ‘n’ Roll Greek bands but nowadays they have become a steady quartet playing at weddings and events all over the country!We cant think of a better music style & band to get you up on your feet , twisting and rolling away on your wedding day than these four men..

The soul band
The Soul Band

A five-piece band comprised of seasoned professionals, the band is ideal for events that call for dancing and partying. Their repertoire covers a wide span of genres such as Disco, Funk, Soul, R’n’B, Rock’n’Roll up until modern Pop hits. Having played hundreds of gigs and festivals, as well as numerous wedding parties, corporate and private events, and high profile international resorts all over the world, the band is guaranteed to cater for all your event requirements.

Swing Wedding band
Jazz And Swing Band

The main idea of this wedding band is pop and rock oldies songs manipulated and fixed in a jazzier mood. Having acquired a characteristic and unique sound of their own now they also don’t hesitate to experiment with classic tunes (Creep, Light my fire etc.) that are familiar to younger crowds! Beatles, Rolling Stones, Depeche mode, Radiohead, Sting and many more in a swingy mood, shuffle, Bossa nova! Suitable for any type of event as background and main dance floor entertainment!

Acoustic Duo
Acoustic Duo

A very special duet which can support many music genres , soft jazzy romantic songs for the start of a wedding of the after wedding party They can support a full experience upbeat programm with soul , funk , disco and rock n roll covers!Pleasant communication with the audience that creates the most amazing atmosphere. This duet will rub off on listeners and is definitely one you will remember.

Top of the tops
Top Of The Tops

Upbeat dance/ pop/rock & oldies music for wedding receptions .This band of 5 members is a wonderful choice for a wedding reception and celebration of any kind. Playing a variety of popular songs to keep guests of all ages entertained for hours on end! (Vox,violin, guitars, drums & bass).

Classical harpist
Classical Harpist

Your dream wedding made real! The harp, the romantic instrument of the angels, has featured in the most exquisite weddings and will make your wedding one to always remember.

String Duet
String Duet

This String Duo or trio for weddings is in high at our weddings and provide beautiful music for ceremonies and receptions. The Quartet can play before, during and after the ceremony. This could include playing as guests arrive, the entrance of the bridal party, signing of the register and exit of the couple, drinks receptions and background music for during meals.

Εffie’s Kora
African Kora Harpist

The Kora is a beautiful sounding West African harp with 21 strings made from a large calabash and cow skin. Kora players traditionally come from “griot” families and the instrument has been made famous throughout the world by players including Toumani Diabate, Ballake Sissoko and Foday Musa Suso. The Kora is perfect for creating a background ambience that is both unusual and beautifully melodic.

Strolling magic for your guests

Robijar practices an art of thousands of years, that is known to expand the imagination and excite the soul! He introduces many tricks and gimmicks in his mini show to start and then begins his entertaining known as “Strolling” (guest table to table interactive magic!). He entertains guests, through comical and funny tricks whilst keeping them busy and happy till the party begins!


Caricaturing on the spot at wedding receptions and civil partnerships is definitely the in thing nowadays. Our artists begin to sketch just as the guests emerge from the wedding ceremony and the first glass of champagne is being poured.

Belly dance show

Maria and her professional dancers  entertain guests during a wedding reception with their fantastic Greek Belly dancing show! They will dance the famous “Tsifteteli” dance and at the same time guests can learn how to move their body on the dance floor too! Excellent choice for a party!

Fire eating and spinning

Our fire juggler is a fantastic addition to a wedding party. Usually hired from the middle to end of a wedding reception, Garreth entertains guests with his breathtaking fire spinning-eating-breathing!

Corfiot escorting wedding trio
Escort Corfiot Trio

This wedding trio can play at wedding reception, outside the church or during the ceremony. Trio consists of the violin , guitar and accordion with two of three artists performing vocally. Their repertoire covers Greek songs , traditional corfiot wedding songs and ballads. They can play acoustically (unplugged) or with technical support (speaker and light).

Wedding Photo Booth
The Fun Photo Both

A photo booth at your wedding reception offers an amazing source of entertainment for your guestsof all ages. The Fun Photo Both is a funny, easy and modern way to hold on special memories, giving your guest hours of wedding fun making your guestbookor even having their keepsakes. Get in touch to find out about our packages !!

Classical violin
Classical Violin

Thodoris the violinist is a beautiful idea for your wedding march, background music during cocktails and canapés or even the start of your wedding reception. His style is classical violin with some Celtic and folk influence.

Wedding pianist
Wedding Pianist

Our wonderful wedding piano background music is the perfect choice for your wedding ceremony, drinks reception or wedding breakfast.

Wedding Opera
Opera Singers

Hire an opera singer or choir for a wedding, party or corporate function and be amazed as they perform music ranging from Mozart to Abba, or Verdi to Queen!

Saxophone player
Saxophone Player

Have a saxophone player play romantic wedding music or accompanying musical tracks. A wonderful idea that will give a romantic note to your day!

Aerial acrobatics show
Aerial Show

Alternative and very entertaining performance for your guests at your wedding. Enjoy an aerial show accompanied by your favorite romantic song tracks.

Bouzouki for Weddings
Bouzouki For Weddings

Enjoy the traditional sound of the Greek bouzouki at your wedding and create a lovely Greek ambiance for your guests to remember. Accompanied by a classical guitar , our bouzouki player Vaggelis will entertain during your ceremony as a background instrumental sound or at your wedding reception party with uplifting Greek music and vocals!

The Greek dancing show
The Greek Dancing Show

Each dance performance can represent  a different island or province of Greece or simply a short versioned show of the Zorba, Sirtaki or Zeimpekiko fire show. These professional dancers can involve their famous plate smashing show and mini fun tutorial for wedding guests!
A cultural insight into the many forms of traditional Greek dance and of course an uplifting experience in a magical outdoor summer wedding setting.

Children's corner or wedding nannies!

During wedding receptions we give parents a little break from their parental responsibilities and take over by offering their kids their own special creative corner! A place where they can be themselves! Our children’s lounge involves art n craft, huge garden games, group games, story time, face painting, puppet show and much much more!


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Our agency can help you with a wedding nanny or an occasional “we need a night out” sitter. Give us a call or send us an email and we will send you all our nanny profiles so you can find the one suited for you and your child. Our nannies are all fluent in Greek and English, however some speak other languages such as Russian, French, German, Deutch. As a creative entertainment agency, we make sure that nannies get down and creative with the kids during their time together. We look forward to helping you out.

Wedding garden giant games

Have fun during a wedding with big toys and garden games!

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