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creart-bulletWhy choose us ?

Why use an Entertainment Agent like us?…

The answer is simple, your Peace of Mind!

We provide all our clients with online demo’s, online feedback from past clients, guaranteed professional performances, free in person consultation… and even nice people on the end of the phone when you are looking for suggestions for your event!

By using a reputable entertainment agent like Creart to book your entertainment you are safe in the knowledge that should an issue occur it will be resolved immediately but the most important of all, we save you all the time you would spend researching !It’s all done by us!

Should your entertainer / band / act become ill and you have booked with us, our agent will use every professional endeavour to replace the act.

Another plus for booking via agency is that many acts we have used and are still using, offer us preferable rates and this can very often save our clients money.

We reassure written contracts with all our artists and have aqcuired extensive knowledge of the industry, venues and acts over the years ,so you can see why for true peace of mind it is within great value to book via Creart agency!Less hassle, less doubt!Job done before you know it!

What we can offer our potential client: villa concierge, hotel PR, Private client or Events /Wedding planner.

  •  100% commitment from all our dealings with you.
  •  Top Quality Entertainment or they’ll not be booked for you.
  •  Prices that are simple, realistic and fixed.
  •  Friendly staff that can assist you any time.
  •  A simple process from making bookings.
  •  A genuine ’24 hour on call contact number’ …..Just In Case!
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